Why would I need a Zoning Report?
Zoning Certifications are provided for anyone involved in the purchase or financing of commercial real estate to ensure that existing or proposed developments comply with the intended use specified under the current zoning district requirements. The Zoning team at Faulk and Foster will provide a clear and concise determination of the zoning status as well as ensuring that any issues regarding code violations or pending inspections are brought to the attention of the client. We work to provide the information needed to create solutions to otherwise time consuming and therefore costly issues.

What does the Analysis Report contain?
Our Zoning Analysis Report provides a full report of the findings regarding conformity of the subject land development and its improvements.

A  Zoning Letter may be provided by the jurisdiction or municipality in which the property is zoned. This letter will provide the zoning designation or district for which the property must comply with district requirements. The letter may also contain information specific to special approvals or waivers for the development in regards to zoning compliance.

Copies of issued certificates of occupancy available from the zoning jurisdiction will be provided as part of the report. Should copies of the certificates not be available from the municipal building or permitting office, such items would be noted in the report along with any contact names and phone numbers.

Relevant sections of the zoning ordinance/code from the jurisdiction in which the development is zoned will be included as well as sections pertaining to restoration of damaged or destroyed structures will also be provided in the event the development is does not comply with current requirements.

Why choose Faulk and Foster over other companies?
At Faulk and Foster Our Customer Service is second to none. We strive to provide our customers a quality product and a great experience.

  • Our staff is known for proactive problem solving within some of the most difficult jurisdictions and are consistent with report findings
  • Our team responds to emails and phones calls within same day to 24 hours and can be reached after regular business hours if needed
  • We provide weekly status report updates to our clients for tracking of deliverables from zoning jurisdictions
  • Expedited request can be made and may require additional fees

If you are an attorney, lender, underwriter, title insurer, or buyer involved in Commercial Real Estate transactions, please contact Faulk and Foster for all zoning questions or documents. Our detailed analysis report simplifies the review process and enables your transaction to close faster.

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