Zoning Compliance and Zoning Certification
Analysis and Reporting

The zoning compliance specialists at Faulk & Foster have more than 30 years combined experience in the financial and mortgage banking industries. We provide complete zoning analysis reporting to major lenders and legal firms nationwide. Our zoning compliance team is dedicated to responsiveness and accuracy, even with large volume portfolios and in difficult municipalities. We are available for consultation anytime, not just during an assignment.

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Faulk & Foster’s Comprehensive Zoning Compliance Reports include the following:

1.  A Detailed Zoning Analysis Report
We provide you with a clear, concise determination of zoning status and inform you of any present and potential code violations or impending inspections, including:

    • Zoning designations of the site and the adjacent properties  and analysis of impact to subject property
    • Uses allowed under the zoning designation
    • Setbacks or yard requirements
    • Building height regulations/restrictions
    • Floor area ratio, or floor area in relation to the overall lot
    • Allowable lot coverage or the percentage of lot area covered by impervious surfaces
    • Minimum parking requirements
    • Any ordinance requirements regarding rebuilding of the development in the event of property damage or destruction.

2. Local Zoning Codes
Copies of all relevant sections of the municipality or jurisdiction’s zoning code, with additional highlighting of any sections of the zoning ordinance relating to the restoration of damaged or destroyed structures in the event the development does not comply with current requirements.

3. Zoning Verification and Confirmation Letters for the Property
These may also contain specific information for special approvals or waivers for the development in regards to compliance.

4. Copies of Issued Certificates of Occupancy
We seek these directly from the jurisdiction or municipality. Should copies of the certificates not be available, this will be noted in the analysis report along with any contact names and phone numbers.

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